GreenParty ON Scarborough Southwest

David Del Grande

David was raised in Scarborough, where he developed a love of the city and a passion for urban issues. Growing up as a frequent rider of the TTC, David came to understand and appreciate Toronto’s need for a strong working relationship with the province in order to build and maintain badly-needed transit infrastructure.

Toronto needs a strong advocate at the provincial level who will push for dedicated, sustainable transit funding, and remove the political interference that delays transit growth. David is running for the Green Party to be the ally the city needs, and to work with Toronto to ensure its continued economic growth for the benefit of all its residents.

David received his Bachelor of Commerce degree from Ryerson University in 2006, and currently works in marketing for a Canadian-owned brokerage firm. He lives with his wife Kate, a psychologist, in the east end of Toronto. They gave up their car six years ago to live a greener, more environmentally-friendly lifestyle, and continue to rely on the TTC, along with their bicycles, as their primary means of traveling throughout this beautiful city.


Green Party of Ontario

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