Amanda Cain – Green Party candidate in Scarborough Southwest

Following our nomination meeting on Tuesday, August 24, 2021 held online, the Green Party of Canada – Scarborough Southwest Electoral District Association is pleased to announce the acclamation of our candidate Amanda Cain in the current federal election of 2021. Amanda is a Scarborough resident, born and raised here in Scarborough Southwest. With an education in Corporate Communications, Amanda has been managing Youth Economic Development Programs for the past 17 years. She worked in the arts and entertainment industry prior to her work in the non-profit world. On learning of her acclamation, she stated: “I am honoured to be the Green MP Candidate for Scarborough Southwest, born and raised here, and ready to proudly represent our riding. Toronto faces great challenges as we struggle to improve on Health Care delivery and conditions in Long-Term-Care facilities for our seniors, provide Affordable Housing, maintain a Livable Income for our residents, modernize City Infrastructure, expand Public Transit and adapt to a changing Job market. We must focus on solutions that are sustainable, while delivering positive results within the next four years. You have my commitment to fight for the needs of our community.” An active community advocate, Amanda has been addressing issues of education and training, economic development and civic engagement in Neighbourhood Improvement Areas (NIAs) of Toronto for the past 22 years. As a mother, she believes in building strong communities that support our most vulnerable citizens, and has focused much of her attention to building policy on poverty reduction. Amanda’s activism started early on, while a still a student at R.H. King Academy, where her recognition of social and racial inequity led her to found the United Cultures of King, thereby launching her vocation in advocacy. She has been honoured with an Ontario Volunteer Service Award and a Toronto Dollar Award for her ongoing commitment to social change and advocacy. Most recently, she was selected to contribute to policy recommendations for the Ontario Campaign 2000 for Poverty Reduction. A tenacious, honest and born-environmentalist, she has volunteered with Lake Ontario Waterkeeper, the World Wildlife Fund and the David Suzuki Foundation. She has walked with Native Elder and Water Warrior Grandmother Josephine Mandamin, and promised to continue her legacy and protect Lake Ontario for future generations. Her most recent volunteer endeavours take place in Malvern to address the issues of biodiversity, food security, and advocating for rapid transit on Sheppard Avenue East. The issue of food security will be top of mind for Amanda here in Scarborough Southwest which has one of the highest levels of childhood poverty in the city. The Green Party of Canada’s commitment to solving our climate crisis with its ‘Mission Possible’ action plan solidified her resolve to run for the Party. As your next MP for Scarborough Southwest, Amanda will champion:

Transitioning to a clean Green Economic model
Protecting and conserving our Fresh Water
Renewing relationships with Canada’s Indigenous Peoples
Demanding Democratic Renewal

On the subject of Climate Change, Amanda stated: “The Green Party of Canada’s commitment to solving our climate crisis with its ‘Mission Possible’ action plan solidified my resolve to run for the Party. The latest IPCC report makes it clear that we need to have implemented solutions in place to keep global warming below 1.5 degrees Celsius within 10 years. The Green Party of Canada is the only federal party that will have a detailed fully costed and fiscally responsible plan to meet these international commitments. Determined political action needs to be taken now or we face a climate catastrophe.”


Amanda’s record of community involvement

ran in City of Toronto Municipal elections of 2018 as a candidate in Scarborough-Rouge Park is currently running to be the Green Party of Canada MP for Scarborough Southwest.

She is an alumni of:

Equal Voice Canada
Women Win TO (WWTO)

She currently volunteers with:

The David Suzuki Foundation Guildwood Butterfly Rangers
The Malvern Food Security Committee

She was formerly involved with:

City of Toronto, Youth Employment Partnership Network
City of Toronto, Children’s Services Advisory Committee
Economic Development with Scarborough, Community Renewal Organization
Board of Directors for Jessies, The June Callwood Centre
Connect Sheppard East Campaign
Rexdale Youth Employment Committee
Rush The Vote
Ontario Campaign 2000 for Poverty Reduction
TDSB Parent Involvement Advisory Committee as a Representative in Learning Centre 3, Ward 21 (wards 41/42)
Lake Ontario Waterkeeper
Scarborough Civic Action Network

She has been honoured with:

The Ontario Volunteer Service Award
The MicroSkills Youth Service Award
The Scarborough Pilot Award
The Catharine Janes Women’s Opportunity Award
The Young Mother’s Toronto Dollar Award
2018 Urban Hero Award Nominee

Authorized by the Official Agent for the Scarborough Southwest Electoral District Association 
Green Party of Canada

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