On August 4th we held our second nomination meeting for our riding, as our first meeting ended in a tie vote. Our previous nominees, Richard Hennick and Tommy Taylor, were joined by Lindsay Thompson. Lindsay had been unable to attend the first meeting due to an emergency, but was able to rejoin the race at this time. We were treated to a lively debate with some penetrating questions from our attendees.

Topics ranged from the environment, electoral reform, poverty, and Canadian identity. As a testament to the quality of our nominees, our first round of voting resulted in yet another tie. After 3 rounds of voting, we were able to announce our new candidate, Tommy Taylor.

Tommy brings his experience in civil liberties and environmental activism to this riding, and is ready to launch an energetic campaign. Keep an eye on your local media for mention of Tommy, the Greens, and this riding. He is already receiving much media attention, including this article this weekend in Metro News. Please visit our Candidate page to learn more about Tommy and his platform.

Read the Metro News article on Tommy!

A successful campaign relies on many factors including a healthy volunteer base, and financial contributions. We really believe that Tommy is going to give the other candidates in this area a run for their money, so we would like to encourage all local Greens to come out and get involved in this campaign! This would be great experience for our youth members to learn about the electoral process, and to help put some positive energy behind the ideals and beliefs that we all stand for.

This election will be exciting as many Canadians are wanting change—real change. Let’s get the word out there that The Green Party is offering the kind of change that the other parties are not. Come on out and help us run a successful campaign for Scarborough Southwest!



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