September 2, 2015

Tommy Taylor (GPC – Scarborough Southwest) invites Liberal Candidate Bill Blair to G20 discussion


Toronto – Federal Green Party candidate for Scarborough Southwest and G20 detainee, Tommy Taylor releases video appeal for open discussion on what has been described as the “most massive compromise of civil liberties in Canadian history” to fellow candidate Bill Blair.

Following the recent guilty verdict of senior G20 commander Mark Fenton at a Toronto Police disciplinary tribunal, former Police Chief Blair broke his silence to state, “This is a five-year-old event.”

Taylor, one of the over 1,000 innocent Canadians unlawfully arrested at the 2010 G20 Summit in downtown Toronto, issued the video offer in response to Blair’s ongoing refusal to provide more than the same unsatisfactory talking points he has repeated for five years.


Election day is Monday, Oct. 19, 2015

For more information, contact Tommy Taylor at (416) 243-5315





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