1. Act like it’s a Climate Emergency 

Accept, at every level of government, that climate is not just an environmental issue. It is the gravest  security threat the world has ever seen.

  1. Establish an inner cabinet of all parties 

All parties should work together to deal with the climate emergency and limit the destructive impact of partisan politics which has thwarted strong climate action for decades. We need all hands on deck.

  1. Set stringent targets with accountability

A fair share Nationally Determined Contribution with the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change: 60 % GHG reductions against 2005 levels by 2030; zero emissions by or before 2050 with continuous review and accountability.

  1. Assume leadership 

Work with global partners at the COP26 climate negotiations and press all countries to accelerate their efforts.

  1. Unleash science and innovation 

Increase funding for climate research and establish an Advanced Research Projects Agency to support disruptive clean technology innovation in Canada.

  1. Extend carbon pricing and rebates 

Carbon fee and dividend together with Border Carbon Adjustments will keep us competitive. The fee and dividend rates will need to at least double from the current schedule to meet our 60% target and all subsidies to fossil fuels must be eliminated.

  1. End support for pipelines, LNG and fracking 

Fracking destroys ecosystems, contaminates ground and surface water, and it’s a major source of GHGs. We can’t continue to support infrastructure destructive to our planet. It’s time to cancel TMX.

  1. Green and modernize the grid 

By 2030, remove all fossil fuel generation from our national electricity grid. Extend the east-west grid to ensure that renewable energy can be transmitted from one province to another.

  1. Plug in to EVs 

Ensure all new car sales are electric by 2030 and ensure all transport vehicles are fossil-free by 2040. Build a electric vehicle charging network across Canada.

  1. Get Canada back on track 

Modernize VIA Rail, expand service and ensure trans-modal connections across Canada to light rail  and electric buses, so that no one in rural and remote areas of Canada lacks efficient, affordable and safe public transit.

  1. Accelerate building retrofits 

Create millions of new, well-paying jobs in the trades by retrofitting all buildings in Canada – and immediately establish national net-zero building codes.

  1. Turn off the tap to oil imports 

Phase-out all imports of foreign oil. As fossil fuel use declines, use only Canadian fossil fuels and invest in shifting production towards non-emitting goods and processes.

  1. Promote sustainable bio-fuels 

Bio-fuels for hard to electrify transport and equipment should use a sustainable resource, while not consuming valuable food, land and water resources. Their life-cycle emissions should be GHG negative.

  1. Create new partnerships for renewables 

Form partnerships with Indigenous peoples, providing economic opportunities by ramping up  renewables on their lands. Use skills developed in the oil and gas sector to harness clean energy  sources such as geothermal.

  1. Call for all hands on deck 

Engage every municipality and community organization, as well as every school and university to step up and plant trees, install solar panels, heat pumps, assist in retrofitting buildings to maximize energy efficiency.

  1. Prioritize adaptation 

Invest in adaptation measures to protect Canadians from the ravages of climate destabilization. Review all infrastructure projects for adaptation to climate instability. Map flood plains, tornado corridors and other areas of natural vulnerability and adjust land use plans accordingly.

  1. Protect our Forests and Biodiversity

End logging in old growth forests, foster biodiversity, and invest in fire mitigation strategies to protect  communities from forest fires and save lives.

  1. Curtail the “other” GHG sources 

Address the fossil fuel use that falls outside the Paris Agreement – emissions from international shipping, aviation and the military. And tackle methane and all other GHG emission sources.

  1. Restore carbon sinks 

Launch a global effort to restore carbon sinks, replanting forests, restoring wetlands and peat bogs, and promoting carbon sequestration in agriculture.

  1. A Just Transition

Fossil fuel workers deserve a fair and just transition into the new economy and Greens have a solid plan to ensure no one is left behind.

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